Some months of the year are better than others. I’m just going to throw that out into the universe. Not all of them can be a March, or November, after all. This deserves a breakdown, don’t you think? What makes one month better than another? What makes a month overrated? What is the TRP ranking of the months? What facts go into these rankings? Let’s get that last one out of the way right quick – there is no factual backing to this post. Zero. This is merely AN OPINION.

What makes one month better than another? This may seem slightly unintuitive, but clearly a combination of weather, positioning in relation to major holidays, and amount of event options available to the people of Earth. So, by default, March and November reign superior to all other months. Cold, but not the coldest months of the year. One is coming out of the cold and looking towards Spring while the other is coming off the summer sauna and finally features a manageable temperature to enjoy the outdoors. Both host major holidays and are surrounded on either side by other very popular holidays (and every holiday is a DRINKING HOLIDAY if you do it right). Finally, there is zero shortage of events, or things to do, in either month. If you’re a sports fan, you understand that the overlap of major sporting events in each of these pristine months is something only the sport gods could have conjured up. If you’re not a sports fan, there’s still plenty of holiday events to attend including, but not limited to egg hunts, irish themed extravaganzas, potlucks, and light shows.

What makes a month overrated? Well, with every other thing that’s overrated (crispy cookies, Windex, and traffic circles come to mind immediately) people like it for no real reason. They just do. No one knows why. Take August for example. What even is happening with this month? It’s technically no longer than any other 31 day month, yet it always has five full weeks somehow and takes years to complete. The weather is like the devil’s breath. The only “holiday” is back-to-school and what kind of holiday is that?! That is the opposite of a holiday. It’s literally celebrating the end of vacation season. No sports really happen in August outside of a handful of golf tournaments and more baseball games. Honestly, what is the appeal?

What is the TRP ranking of the months? Based off the criteria above the months are clearly ordered like so (from best to August):

  1. March
  2. November
  3. October
  4. December
  5. April
  6. June
  7. September
  8. May
  9. July
  10. February
  11. January
  12. August

I do think that January and August are basically the same ugh wise. The one key separator is that January is the start to a new year so all those resolutions are giving you life and motivation. August is awkwardly terrible in the bottom half of the year when you’re ready to move on already. How would you rank the months?

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