I’m not really a political person. And by that I mean I avoid politics like I avoid anchovies on pizza. I will straight up toss a conversation in the trash without a second thought. Because politics are evil. They tear people apart. This side, that side, the middle. Who cares? What do the sides even do anymore other than use their resources and energy trying to block the opposite side? It feels more like an offensive line than a government unit. That’s a football term for my non-sport fans. The offensive line has one job – protect the quarterback. Let no one get to him and if they try to, level them. 

Which works great in football! It makes sense since you’re trying to win a game. A game that doesn’t impact millions of peoples’ access to healthcare. Or educational initiatives. Or the environment. Or tax cuts. It does impact the economy, though. In a positive way by bringing people into your city. Similar to how Hamilton can make any town a booming metropolis just by showing up. We, the people, want entertainment. 

It’s not even politics itself that I have an issue with. Democracy is a good thing and I value my right to vote. What I do have questions about is our current approach to politics. Specifically during elections. Maybe it was a dream I had, but I thought there used to be a time when political ads would focus on the candidate that approved them instead of the person they were running against. Did I make that up? Doesn’t really matter – the point is I can’t stand whatever finger pointing game is happening on my tv right now. Sally said this. Jill did that. Karen, well she’s a Karen, are you really surprised? I don’t care! What are you going to do?!

Anyone can be good at tattling on someone else. That was a lesson you learned at some point in elementary school. A social right of passage, so to speak. One way, or another, you learned that no one likes a tattler. We all have to live with our actions, we don’t need someone else calling us out all righteously like they’re a perfect porcelain doll. So, anyways, we have these adults vying to lead our country just straight up tattling on each other. Like four year olds.

Is it too much to ask for honesty and transparency out of a leader? Feels pretty reasonable considering the startup world is founded on those principles. If I vote for this person, will they continue to simply tattle on all the people who told them no or got in their way? What even is their running platform? What issues are they standing for, or against? I honestly don’t know. If elected, what will you do for me? Your constituent. Does it line up with what I was hoping to support for the next four(ish) years? Again, it’s very hard to tell. Kind of like trying to read a book with nothing but blank pages. Isn’t communication a requirement for this type of leadership (even though it is ROCKET SCIENCE)? Why can’t you communicate with me, via a tv ad, about why I should vote for you? Not why I shouldn’t vote for the other person. There’s a major difference. 

All those questions aside, if elected why can’t you follow through on most of what you promised? Oh, right, because the starting defense from the other side has put their top talent on the front lines to prevent you from scoring. I think it might be an issue of side A versus side B. The side lines are blurry anyways. Besides, it’s 2020, how are we still stuck in such an archaic party system? On the flip side, it’s 2020 and I don’t know who gave both the Republicans, the Democrats, and every independent party in between, my phone number, but if I get another political text I might run straight into a brick wall and flush my phone down the toilet.

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