For a movie all about being quiet, there sure is a lot going on in it. Nosies, for one, and lots of fear, but who wouldn’t be afraid of a stealthy, swimming ninja, gorilla running, tetris head death eater coming after you. I found myself staying physically quiet during the movie, although that didn’t stop my mind from screaming at full strength about all of my questions and observations from this creepy film:

  • What is so special about day 89? If you could pick any number, why that high of an odd?
  • Also, if it’s been 89 days how is the pharmacy so well stocked still? And why are all the pill bottles the only section that doesn’t look destroyed?
  • What kind of childhood do you have in this world? Can’t run around screaming on the playground or throw a temper tantrum. Pure anarchy
  • Poor little boy just wants to play with that rocket
  • How likely is it that these kids will ever find love? I mean, how many people are left in this society?
  • Are shoes too loud? How does no one have splinters from walking barefoot on the railroad tracks?
  • Why would the parents let the smallest member of the family walk in the back of the line?
  • Well … that was terrible! The little boy, really?! The dad should not have put the batteries within his reach. And let’s not forget sister sin who gave him back the rocket
  • All of a sudden we’re 400 days in the future? What is this timeline?
  • Let’s be honest those newspapers would not look so pristine for being 400 and something days old
  • If they all survive, they’d be amazing ninjas. So stealthy
  • Of course she’s pregnant – imagine trying to give birth silently … I’d rather die
  • Do they cut their own hair, COVID style, or no?
  • Are the monsters blind? Did all of their senses go to their hearing because they don’t seem to be trying to hide so much as be silent
  • What are the chances she’s taking her prenatal vitamins? I’m assuming the pharmacy has long since run out
  • Showers are loud, yes? So how are they staying somewhat clean?
  • Again, the monsters supposedly have amazing hearing and we think they aren’t going to be able to hear the dog whistle that is the hearing aid?
  • Same with washing clothes, right? These everyday activities are loud and yet, her dress was very blue and clearly had not been half-washed for 400+ days
  • Let me get this straight, we jumped almost 90 days, then almost 400 days, and then we jumped one day. A singular day
  • Why risk having a baby in this post-apocalyptic world? Babies do what? Everybody! Cry! Babies cry!
  • They’re living in a farmhouse so who lives / lived in the big white one? That I’m assuming is creaky
  • Math class, seriously?! Shouldn’t you be more concerned with escaping the monsters? Or finding a way to kill them? Seems more pressing
  • And a fine example of the daughter getting stereotyped into staying home while the son gets to roam the fields and learn survival skills
  • Yes, running away seems like a smart idea for a young girl in a scary world
  • If you feel resistance on the laundry bag, why would you not back down the steps and carefully untangle it? Instead of forcefully pulling it?
  • There’s always a creepy, abandoned house in scary movies
  • Who would have guessed that aforementioned creepy, abandoned house would lead to a monster scene? Literally everyone
  • I’m assuming the marks on the walls of their house (?) are from the monsters and not just peeling wallpaper … am I right?
  • I know that stepping on that nail hurt
  • What an unfortunate series of events for the mom. Punctured foot, most likely a tetanus risk, in labor, and with monsters literally in your home. Talk about bad timing
  • Is there a reason the monsters have crab arms? Just because or is it a murdering mechanism?
  • Did they forget about their other two children who are somewhere in the wild?
  • Is putting a baby inside a coffin with some sort of mask over its face ethical? Probably the least of their concerns I suppose
  • And suddenly the parents remembered the rest of the family
  • How did the dad not see / hear the gushing water headed straight towards mom and the new baby?
  • If I saw the monster go under the water, I would most certainly not keep walking through the water
  • A little children of the corn vibe going on with the silo scene
  • Some tetris head looking crab man kind of monster. Who designed them?
  • Did the little girl kill one? From killer to hero all in a few short film minutes
  • Pretty sure the shotgun blast will attract ALL of the monsters. But good job for killing one
  • How are you going to end the movie right before the mass destruction? What kind of absolute nonsense is this?!
  • Are we to assume that the humans won since there is a sequel? I honestly find that impossible to believe

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