Everyone can sing. I strongly believe this. Not everyone can sing well, but everyone can sing. It’s like the artistic version of sports. Anyone can play basketball, or tennis, or golf, etc. there are just different levels of ability. Some of us can shoot air balls for days. Some of us consider it a good day on the court when we simply hit an average of 50% of the balls coming our way. Some of us can consistently hook our golf balls to the right off the tee without fail. 

Regardless, all of us are allowed to do what makes us happy. And if singing makes you happy then, by all means, use those lungs! Not necessarily in public, though. Just because it makes you happy does not mean it makes the rest of us happy. That’s why the shower is such a beautiful place. So is your vehicle. As is your home, or loud clubs, or karaoke bars, or your friend’s house, or a cruise … basically you have options. 

For all of us out there that like to sing, but aren’t quite ready for a record deal, I feel you. Carpool karaoke is my personal jam. Especially if it’s either a) dark outside or b) it’s during the day and sunny so I can wear sunglasses. Why? Well, that’s simple. If it’s dark outside, no one can look through my car windows and see me absolutely owning my performance. I can sing, and dance, which is the ultimate goal in life I think. It’s for sure a stress reliever. It’s super fun. And weirdly enough, it’s a little cardio exercise as well.

During the day, that becomes a little trickier unless you’re on some country highway where you only see another car every couple of miles. Driving through downtown areas, for example, tend to be busy with traffic. Car traffic, foot traffic, bike traffic, and trolley pub traffic. How are there always trolley pubs operating? 10AM on a Tuesday? Doesn’t matter. 4:30PM on a Thursday? That’s a given. On the one hand it makes me smile to watch a group of drunk friends, or family, attempting to pedal on the pub and not fall off their seats. On the other hand, it’s similar to getting stuck behind a tractor on the highway – they don’t move at breakneck speeds.

Where were we? Trolley pubs … downtown … cars … daytime singing in the car! Long story short, in crowded areas people can, and will, see you going hard in the driver’s seat. For some reason, when it’s sunny out, and thus, the sunglasses are on, I do not care. Maybe that’s why so many big name performers wear sunglasses on stage. Indoors. Are sunglasses the cure for stage fright? Something about my eyes being hidden makes it feel like my identity is hidden. Maybe that’s just me, but I don’t care. Glasses on, air guitar out is my motto.

The car is but one fantastic solo karaoke joint. Another classic is the shower. Why? For one, the acoustics in a shower are studio quality. You automatically sound 25% better in the shower. On top of that, there’s running water to help mask your noise from any other people in the abode. You’re also in the process of bathing and something about making your body clean also makes the soul clean a little bit and a clean soul means you have no shame. You feel free and what better activity to do when you’re free then sing like no one is listening. Because they probably aren’t. They’re probably downstairs watching TV or, if you’re lucky, cooking breakfast. 

If you don’t like knowing that people can watch you in the car, or hear you in the shower, never fear! That’s what loud places with music are for. Sing along from the crowd. If you can’t even hear yourself, I promise that no one else can hear you either. It’s the perfect jumping off point. You get to sing your favorite songs along with a giant group of strangers, likely while consuming alcohol, with zero judgement. Or if you’re home alone, take advantage and channel your inner Shakira. 

No matter where you karaoke, it’s never the wrong choice. It’s good for the soul. Instead of feeling your feelings you get to sing about them in a safe place where no one is watching or listening. Are you mad? Find that savage hit and act like you wrote it! Are you sad? Find that breakup song and use your bottle of wine as the microphone! Are you just in a really good mood? Find that dance number and get to work! All moods, any mood, every mood is the right mood for singing.

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