If you find a penny heads up that’s supposed to bring you good luck! If you find a penny in a storm drain, you’re probably about to die. There’s really no in between, I fear. For all of my fellow humans who are already skeptical of clowns, this movie will not improve that questioning in your gut. No, it will make you want to never see a clown again. Your gut shouldn’t be the only thing questioning, however, as there are still some plot holes and overall curious moments from this movie that have nothing to do with having nightmares for weeks: 

  • First of all, who keeps a creepy, dark, very unfinished cellar in their house and openly allows their children to go down there? You’re asking for disturbing events to happen
  • Shouldn’t the parents know Georgie is going outside? In the pouring rain? No one was like ‘hey, little boy, maybe not today’?
  • Did all of you catch the reference that Pennywise is actually a female? ‘She, Georgie. You call boats She’ – one of the few satisfying Easter Eggs in this movie
  • So many questions for Georgie:
    • Why would you engage in conversation with the creepy clown in the drain?
    • Why would you not return to safety?
    • Why would you not make the creepy clown put the boat on the street?
    • Where were all of your stranger danger instincts? You know it’s name, but it’s still highly disturbing to look at
    • Where did you see that conversation ending up?
    • Why not radio Billy and ask for assistance?
  • I would like the woman who witnessed Georgie’s strange disappearance and saw the massive amount of blood in the street to follow the ‘If you see something, say something’ rule … clearly he didn’t just run away
  • Where did Pennywise come from? It would be nice to have some backstory so I could truly understand it’s desire to kill people
  • Is there a reason that Pennywise doesn’t go after the bullies? They’re all kids too and have their own fears
  • If kids, and adults, disappear in Old Derry at a minimum of 6 times the national average, why are people still moving there? What could it possibly have to offer that offsets that?
  • Why every 27 years? Why not a nice even number? But also, does Pennywise have to get 27 years worth of food at once? Why not just constantly torture the town? That feels easier
  • Also, if kids are going missing constantly, why would you let your child leave the house unsupervised?
  • So many questions for every child character in the movie:
    • If you see hands trying to escape a door in the middle of the day, why would you just stand there?
    • If you put a painting back on the wall, and the image from the picture is missing, why would you not leave the room immediately?
    • If you see a random red balloon appear, and then a trail of smoking eggs, why would you follow it into the dungeon of the building?
    • If you hear voices coming out of your sink drain, why would you get closer?
    • If you see the front door of an abandoned house suddenly open, why would you not run away?
    • If you hear a noise coming from a pitch black sewer tunnel, why would you go in there and investigate?
    • If you see a light turn on in your dead little brother’s room in the middle of the night, why would you go into the room?
    • If you see a poster claiming that you’re missing, why would you not leave the haunted house?
  • Who hurt Henry? Was it his dad? What bully carves his name into someone else?
  • Were there no functional families in the 80s? Definitely not in Old Derry
  • Why are all the adults either pedophiles or abusive?
  • Did nobody have proper indoor lighting? No wonder all our parents need glasses today, you could barely see inside. But also, poor lighting leads to more shadows, which leads to more hiding places for IT so you brought this on yourselves
  • Can we agree that the true horror in this film was all the wallpaper? The thought of having to take that down … ew
  • Why did the town of Derry not demolish the old well house? Was there a purpose for keeping it around?
  • After having traumatizing encounters with IT, how were these kids able to go home and sleep like nothing happened?
  • Again … if you see a missing girl suddenly appear in an open doorway, inside a known murderer’s house, calling to you, why would you go towards this?
  • On a scale of 1 to I confronted a killer clown, how much therapy do we think these kids are going to need?
  • Does Beverly want Ben or Billy? Because honestly it’s confusing and I think she’s just teasing Ben and likes his attention while secretly pining for Billy … even after realizing Ben was the one that sent the secret admirer note
  • How did this whole ragtag gang know how to clean up blood? Also, if someone asked me to come clean up their bathroom covered in blood, that would be a hard pass from me
  • Was anyone else confused on how Pennywise interacted with Henry? What was the goal of having him kill his dad? Was it to make Henry more of a monster? Was it to groom him as Pennywise’s apprentice? Truly unclear
  • How did Stan get separated from the group in the sewer well? Where did he go?
  • Don’t you think Pennywise would be more efficient in obtaining a food supply if he didn’t play with his food so much first? Let’s be honest, he should have captured every main character in the first interaction with them like with Georgie
  • What is the collection of things that sit on top of Pennywise’s circus trailer? Are those mementos from all the people it’s killed? Or is that just regular sewer trash?
  • Is it possible to kill Pennywise?
  • If you’re a child living in the 80s, at the height of the AIDS epidemic, why … WHY …  would you make a blood pact? Forget about AIDS for a second, can we talk about the random piece of glass that Billy used – what about Hepatitis, tetanus, who knows. 
  • What will happen 27 years from now? We know Pennywise isn’t dead because there’s a sequel so …

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