Have you ever wanted to get a little wild? You can try a new restaurant or you can escape your life and go to Madagascar for the adventure of a lifetime. While Marty, Alex, Gloria, and Melman’s journey is both incredible and hilarious, I have quite a few questions, observations, and overall life comparisons from this movie. Along with some quotes that can be used in a variety of situations:

  • I believe Marty’s spirit animal is Tarzan after his phenomenal intro swinging on a rope
  • Apparently he is also Simone Biles
  • What zoo has treadmills for the animals? I clearly haven’t been to any of those
  • How did Marty and Alex become friends? Isn’t Alex’s natural instinct to eat Marty?
  • Of course Marty hates it … it’s a snowglobe of Alex … on Marty’s birthday
  • What is the life expectancy for a zebra? Is 10 a long time or a short time?
  • Maybe I should go to law school’ – of all options to fallback on, why law school?
  • Never once in my scholarly career as a student was Friday field trip day
  • Marty, Alex, Gloria, and Melman are the unlikely high school kids who are only friends because they’ve been neighbors their whole lives
  • Oh so we start the day immediately after opening the gates to the main event?
  • I would bet a lot of money that any one of the four musketeers could easily escape their waist high fences
  • ‘Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave’ is my motto at work
  • If you have never asked someone if they sprecken a language, you do not embody the penguin mindset
  • Can you keep a secret my monochromatic friend?’ – classic
  • The penguins are the supporting characters that are the real heroes of this movie
  • Poor Melman is just trying to live his life and a strangers underwear ends up on his face
  • I was today years old when I realized the food platters were shaped like the animals they were going to
  • Everyone knows you can’t tell them your wish. Stay strong Marty
  • No. He did it. He told them. He is now cursed
  • The penguins are going, so why can’t I?’ – a question I’m about to pose to my boss for every fun sounded work conference moving forward
  • Yes, Melman, Connecticut can only offer us lyme disease
  • Frosting on my face does not last very long, Marty’s self-control is admirable
  • Sad Marty on the treadmill looks like housewives at the gym
  • Why are Alex’s paws so square-like in appearance? It’s not normal and I have to believe not real lion like
  • I now know that zebras only live to be about 20
  • What is the answer to the zebra dilemma? Black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
  • Do all of the animals have lightswitches inside their containment areas?
  • Sometimes I feel like my city also forgets to turn off the ambience at night. Looking at you 2AM motorcycle riders
  • Alex’s steak dream is disturbingly sexual … he likes a little fat around the edges? 
  • Where would he go Gloria? Not in the hay pile Alex. Not down the little hole Melman. Maybe … the WILD!
  • How would you react if you saw a zebra walking down the street? In NYC, I might not think twice tbh
  • Melman shoe boxes on his hooves are everything
  • In what world is NYC absolutely dead at night? Where are all the people?
  • For all of Melman germaphobe tendencies, he, of all animals should know that free mint should not be consumed
  • ‘It’s grand, and it’s central’ – what a concept for naming things
  • Since when can animals read?
  • And the entire city’s law enforcement force storms in to capture four animals. Seems a bit dramatic
  • Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly
  • Why would you send the animal control official who is scared of the animals they’re trying to control?
  • Did no one question the zoo’s containment method? Or the fact that these animals have never once lived in the wild? Who thought, you know what, they escaped so they want to be free – let’s send them to the wild
  • It appears the entire zoo was freed because 10 animals escaped. Although I suppose that’s the entirety of the the NYC zoo
  • When the penguins take down a grown man, I have to chuckle a bit
  • And again with the captain haha just one flipper slap to the neck and the humans are goners
  • Where did the giant waves come from? The ocean was calm
  • You’re telling me that no water got into the crate … at all. Likely story
  • Even delusional Alex is a true New Yorker missing the Regis and Kelly show
  • Poor Melman was *this close* to not being able to have kids
  • Is anyone surprised that Marty shows up surfing a wave?
  • Sugar honey iced tea’ – the middle school version of swearing
  • San Diego, Madagascar, same place for sure
  • Alex’s journey through the jungle is me on every hike. How are there spiderwebs only in my path?
  • King Julien knows how to throw a party, no one can deny that. Dictator or not he’s living his best life
  • Move it nice and sweet and sassy’ – dancing motto
  • Can you imagine if aliens came to Earth? I have to believe it would happen the same way it does when the lemurs see the NYC gang
  • Who’s making that noise? Oh, it’s me again’ – when I ramble during work meetings and wonder why we’re off track
  • Poor Mort is just the scapegoat for all of King Julien’s fun
  • Crying is usually an effective technique
  • They’re just a bunch of pansies’ – me when my team beats their rivals
  • They’re always annoying us by trespassing, interrupting our parties, and ripping our limbs off
  • THE Alex – didn’t realize he was born in Miami
  • Lol the NY Giants
  • Can we talk about how normal it is for the lemurs to refer to the skeletons as the people?
  • The four different reactions to the wild are the embodiment of humans. The excited one, the terrified one, the calming one, and the confused one
  • Apparently the animals can read AND write
  • How symbolic is it that Melman’s will gets washed away? I’m genuinely curious, is that some morbid sign?
  • Alex and Gloria both know that Melman isn’t dead right? And they’re still supporting the grave option?
  • Nothing says children fighting like drawing a literal line in the sand to separate things
  • The Castaway reference though! Absolute gold
  • What kind of fire do we use for Lady Liberty? Isn’t all fire wildfire? Or is some of it contained fire?
  • Melman and I are the same when it comes to fire – not something I’m trying to mess with or be around
  • Maurice channeling his flight attendant to get everyone’s attention
  • Before I even met them I liked them’ – me every time I see a dog
  • The lemurs’ reaction to the word fossa is sheer panic
  • Maurice, you did not raise your hand’ – another classic that words for most work situations when your co-worker Chad is trying to talk over you
  • I appreciate how King Julien will ask a question and not wait for an answer before moving on with his life. Do you boo boo
  • Where in the wild did Marty find all the chains for the door? And what is the purpose that they serve considering there are no walls for the rest of the place
  • How much do we think Alex’s dream costs? Like if we added up all the steaks there what do you think? $100,000? More? Half a mil? Guess it depends on the quality
  • The lemurs look like flowers in the tree
  • How long is this going to take?!’ – a useful quote in many situations including work meetings, the start of a work week, road trips, waiting for food to cook, etc.
  • Someone should find Alex some food. I believe he is delusional
  • Melman and Gloria are clearly doing wild life right with their spa treatments
  • Are the lemurs ever not dancing during large gatherings?
  • There’s always one who isn’t the brightest firefly in the jungle. Mort is clearly that character
  • Who put up signs for the predator and fossa territories? Was it the predators or the prey?
  • Is Alex trying to get himself from leaving the rock? He made his own cage?
  • I enjoy that Melman’s kneecaps and Gloria’s bellybutton are the same. They’re clearly meant to be together
  • How did they get from the middle of the jungle to the shoreline so quickly? Teleportation?
  • Who else but our friends the penguins? No true captain would bother dropping an anchor when the boat is stuck in the sand
  • Poor Private he’s just trying to help and he’s the Mort of the penguin group
  • Marty is the friend everyone needs. He’ll never give up on you
  • I appreciate that the fossa care about seasoning their food. Even if it’s still alive while they do it
  • Are penguins known to secretly be the smartest animals alive? Their clearly living in the year 3000 while we’re all here in 2021 … or I guess 2005 more like
  • The fossa either can’t hear or don’t understand English because that little stunt Alex pulled was less than subtle
  • But then a few short minutes later, they do understand English so I guess they’re just really dumb
  • After many deep and profound brain things inside my head’ – me when I have to explain my work, and problem solving approach, to someone
  • How do they know what month it is? I don’t even know what month it is
  • No one was curious why the penguins were so willing to stay on an island instead of returning to the cold?
  • The animal dance moves are truly admirable

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