Remember spring? When you were so excited for your summer vacations and that’s what made the monotonous workweeks almost bearable? Those were the days. Nothing says I love my job like counting down the days when you get paid to not do said job. I suppose in some cases, nothing says I love my job like counting down the days when you don’t have to come in – paid hours or not. Basically, the buildup to a vacation is never a let down. We all do it. We all get excited. We all anticipate the upcoming trip.

Essentially, work is an inconvenient way to pass time between your trips. It’s a necessary evil to make money to afford the things we want to do. Well, I guess that’s only true for 99% of us. The other 1% is a whole different mood. I honestly don’t know what they do between vacations because I’m pretty sure their lives are one endless vacation. At that point, is it even relaxing? Do you even enjoy it? Is going on vacation your job and if so, what do you do for fun? I have to assume you don’t get overly hyped or create excitement countdowns for it. Since it’s such a frequent occurrence the countdown would probably only ever be in double digits during a more lowkey two weeks. 

Well folks, winter is here. It has come. Prepare yourselves the white walkers are coming. In other words, the mountain folk. The people who believe that the only place to be when it’s super cold is outside on a peak where the temperatures are disturbingly chilly. Although, to be honest, I am one of those people. Suiting up in cold weather gear to slide down a mountain, ideally on a board but occasionally on my butt, with friends and loved ones is a thrill. For those of you that are shivering at the thought of that, there’s always tropical destinations to suit your taste.

Now if you’re a person who loves to go skiing, or snowboarding, especially during the holidays, then you and I should be friends. If you’re not then … I 100% maybe still want to be friends with you! I absolutely love ski towns during the holidays. The Christmas lights shining bright at night, snow falling from the sky, drinking hot cocoa, chilling in a hot tub while it’s snowing, seeing all the families laughing and playing in the snow, and just simply being able to relax. And not think about work, at all. Ski towns are one of my favorite places to visit, and I would definitely recommend going to one at least once in your life if you have the opportunity to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good beach where I can work on not looking like Casper while drinking colorful cocktails and getting my spa on. That’s its own type of bliss. The Christmas lights shining on the boardwalk or in the town, feeling the breeze in your hair, the sun shining down on your face, being in a hot tub while it’s warm, seeing families laughing and playing in the water, and just simply being able to relax. With zero evil thoughts about your job. A nice tropical getaway is another great option over the holiday season and I would definitely not hesitate to put this on your bucket list if you have the opportunity to. 

Alternatively, some people choose the stay at home approach. Which is equally as fantastic. Nothing like sleeping in, relaxing on your bomb couch, catching up on chores, binge watching a new series, trying new recipes, getting to see family, friends, and loved ones, and just simply being able to relax. Seriously, don’t knock this option until you try it. It’s the most affordable choice so all that cash you save can go to other things, such as alcohol and gifts. Another one to try at some point during your life.

Regardless of where you choose to spend your holidays, even if it’s just at home with family and not in the office, I think we can all agree that the end of year season is one to be excited about. If you’re like me, you tend to save enough PTO to get a solid 2+ week vacation to forget about all your unfinished Q4 projects and traverse into a new year like the summer child that you are. Carefree with the memory of a goldfish. What outstanding tasks? It’s a new year, time to move on and circle back later. 

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