The happiest time of year is not complete without one of the grumpiest characters in the entertainment industry. Ironically, the Grinch is one of the more lovable Christmas personas once you get past the initial shock and horror of his termite infested smile. It’s a classic transformation story except instead of the more traditional rags to riches or ugly duckling to beautiful swan change happening, we go from Scrooge to Santa’s biggest fan. And yet, the entire time, despite having an empty hole for a heart, the Grinch has this adorable companion Max.

I, personally, would like more backstory on the Grinch and Max. How did they meet? Why would whose soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable decide to, nay, want to take in something that requires love, care, and attention? Wouldn’t a cat be more suited to his personality, if any pet at all? For the record, though, I would like to point out that even someone with a heart two sizes too small recognizes the pure joy and superiority that a dog brings to the table as a pet. Coincidence? I think not.

Max’s loyalty to the Grinch is one of great mystery. A mystery that has been unraveled slightly more in each new remake of the classic tale. Jim Carrey’s incredible live action version started to paint the picture of the Grinch’s personality at home being less terrifying and more just grumpy towards others while Illumination’s latest version brings us an even softer side to the Grinch at home with his adorable pup. The entirely new twist on the Grinch’s story recently brings more empathy towards what the Grinch went through and why Christmas is his least favorite time of the year. The jury is honestly still out, though, for what the Grinch’s backstory truly is – was he adopted and made fun of? Was he left at the orphanage? Neither of the above? Where is Dr. Seuss when you need him?

Speaking of … I think Dr. Seuss was secretly an inventor of things. The contraptions that make Whoville run are peculiar, awesome, and in most cases, practical. If being an author didn’t work out I wonder if we would be living like the Whos. Specifically, the Grinch’s ninja candy cane flashlight / present collector / umbrella / chimney scaler would be pretty dope to own. Not to steal Christmas! Just to casually leave my apartment from the balcony instead of needing to use a key. Which would come in handy all those times that I maybe accidentally lock myself out.

Is that an issue in Whoville? Do people get locked out of their houses? Do people even lock their houses? Is there crime in Whoville? Does everyone know everyone? How does anyone make money? How does anyone end up in Whoville? If they all have the same last name are they … are they … are they related? How does the social hierarchy work? What is it like during other times of the year? Do they also go all out for New Years? Easter? Halloween? Are they on the American holiday schedule and celebrate 4th of July and Thanksgiving or do they have their own independence day celebrations? Who were they independent-ed from? Where is the next closest town? How do deliveries come in? So many questions.

Right now I feel like my brain is full of spiders and that my thoughts are thirty nine and a half feet away from where I started this post. The Grinch, down deep, is a chill dude who just wants to have a staycation over the holidays. Just him, his dinner plans that he can’t cancel again, and his dog Max. Away from the stress of society. Away from the pressure to fit in. Away from all the people who don’t understand what a personal bubble is. And that’s ok! Celebrate the holidays how you want to celebrate the holidays! Do what brings you joy, peace, and happiness.

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