About TRP

Just another millennial who has a lot of opinions and doesn’t share food well with others. By age standards I fall into the adult category, but on the actual scale of life I feel very confused about most things. Confused enough to start a blog. A ridiculous, yet surprisingly relevant and relatable blog, with posts about, well, nothing really. Standard observations that are taken to the extreme because what’s life without a little overthinking. So enough about me, let’s get into why you actually clicked on this page – you want to know the deeper purpose behind this blog. The why. The motivation.

I think the answer is simple – a lot of things in life don’t make sense. The more you focus on one thing, the more you realize how weird it is. And I LOVE that! Not to brag, but I always put strong attention to detail on job applications and over the years I’ve actually developed that skill (not saying that I lied on my applications, just that I was striving for a better me). In the spirit of honesty, it’s both a blessing and a curse. I can’t turn it off.

So I was finding that more and more of my work day was me being stuck in one black hole after another of mindless thoughts and opinions. And what does one do when they can’t something out of their head? Write it down of course! Because thoughts are fleeting, but the Internet is forever.

The question you’re probably wondering now is ‘Why would I care about your stupid opinions?’ My answer: you shouldn’t! Be original, be you, think for yourself boo. But I do think that comic relief is a very real thing and I hope that, if nothing else, my opinions make you smile. 

Maybe your workday is not going well and you need to waste a few hours of company time – have I got blog posts for you! Maybe it’s the best day of your life and anything you see will make you giggle – I definitely have blog posts for that! Maybe your day is just meh and you’re bored and went down the Internet wormhole and accidentally found this – well, I have blog posts, but I can’t say with confidence that they are for you.

Anyways, if you aren’t one of those people who enjoy reading total BS with no factual backing then this blog is most certainly NOT for you (thank you for the page hit though!). But for all you other crazy kids out there who find even a little enjoyment in this, cheers to you! Embrace the weird, it makes life more fun.

New posts every Tuesday and Thursday because Mondays are a harsh reality check, Fridays are for living, and Wednesdays are for everything in between.