Wonder Woman. Enough said. She’s a woman casually saving the world and making it look so effortless. Makes us ponder the age old dilemma: can women have it all? I think Diana Prince has given us a strong yes to that question, especially as we get a look at her superhero journey and struggling between love and saving the world. Despite all the wonderfulness that is this movie, I still had hella observations and gnarly questions:

  • Starting off strong – what parents let small children roam aimlessly through endless forests? Seems unsafe … animals eat children
  • I realize now why I will never be a superhero. I am unable to do anything remotely gymnastics based other than tumble into the soft block pit
  • If someone could explain the rules, and / or purpose, of the beginning contest to me and why a child would be competing against grown adults that’d be great
  • Life lesson #1: no true hero is born from lies
  • Is Diana not tired after all the warm up running she did before the competition and then, you know, the whole competition?
  • Are you even at a mall if it doesn’t have a JCPenney’s?
  • I think we all would like Wonder Woman to come deal with some of our exes, or maybe a co-worker, or maybe the line at the DMV after the beatdown she put on at the mall
  • Barbara is all of us at one point or another and she’s my favorite character. So awkward, so genuine, so innocent
  • Have to love the random gusts of air inside a building in the movies. The realism is insane
  • Life lesson #2: talking behind people’s backs is rude. They can hear you
  • Have you ever been in love?’ ‘So many times, yea. All the time’ – me every time I’m about to eat cheesecake
  • Who goes to bed in full makeup? That’s how breakouts happen you’d think Wonder Woman, of all people, would know that
  • New pickup line option: ‘I have a great relationship with Sears
  • Is Barbara not suspicious of her newfound attention from men, and people, in general?
  • Who was in charge of casting Maxwell and Allister? I don’t see the resemblance
  • Walking in heels should be an Olympic event
  • Did … did Steve look different when first talking to Diana? 
  • Life lesson #3: futons are not comfortable and should be cancelled
  • Have you ever been caught in bed stuffing your face with Pop-Tarts? If not, did you even go to college?
  • Why were swimsuits the gym fashion of choice for females? What did they wear to the beach?
  • 80s fashion was truly a sight
  • Good to see the DC Metro looks the exact same that it did 40 years ago
  • Did anyone else know the extensiveness of the Smithsonian career network before watching this movie? I, for one, thought they were purely for visitation …
  • Life lesson #4: the truth is bigger than all of us
  • Imagine getting to spend some time in the future. We would all be Steve
  • Where on the National Mall is there a hidden airfield? How did that happen? How did they get there? Do those planes even work?
  • How terrifying would it be if a giant wall just appeared where you were trying to drive?
  • Did the taxi driver not think to ask for a ride after losing his car? Where is he going to go in the desert?
  • Does Diana always pack her superhero suit? Or is she always wearing it?
  • I wish I could just jump on a trampoline half as gracefully as Wonder Woman vaults through the air after being flung from a tank
  • Those children would not be ok after falling onto the pavement from that height and at that speed. Hollywood lies, I see
  • Is it just me, or did Diana change outfits during the Cairo trip? I remember seeing no luggage on the plane
  • Even Wonder Woman isn’t immune to the kryptonite of love
  • What is the decor theme in Maxwell’s office? What does it have to do with business, or oil?
  • Who brings a sword to a gunfight?
  • Where is the White House security team during the gunfight, by the way? Does this raise no alarms?
  • Oh dear … Barbara has turned evil in an unsurprising, but still disappointing, twist
  • And there’s the White House security team. 3 years later
  • I appreciate the nice creative twist on the worst case Cold War outcome, though
  • Life lesson #5: true love lasts the test of time
  • Steve is the true hero of the movie. If he hadn’t convinced Diana to renounce her wish the world would have imploded
  • How does Diana’s hair not get so incredibly tangled while literally flying?
  • Wonder Woman takes ride the lightning to a whole new level
  • Again, where does the gold suit come from? Did she have to go home and get it? Does it magically pack down into a portable size?
  • Why does Barbara look like a cat from your worst nightmare? She could have been anything
  • I take back what I said about Barbara being my favorite
  • Even though we all knew the ending was coming, I still loved it
  • Life lesson #6: greed is not the path to happiness
  • Did everyone just forget the chaos that occurred and the almost end of the world? Or do they just have holiday amnesia?
  • What happened to the guy whose body Steve took over while Steve was in it? Did he go into a coma? Did he miss all the insanity?
  • Does she ever miss her family?
  • A brief Asteria appearance at the end … what does that mean?! Is she still alive?! Where has she been?!
  • Is love your kryptonite?

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